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Writing our first Blog

Posted on January 24 2019

Writing comes easy to most, string some sentences along and there you are, you are doing it.  Well I have been staring at a blank screen for a few hours now, I know what I would like to be telling you, but how do I start? Who am I to be telling you anything in the first place? Well as every teacher has said, keep it simple and start from the beginning, (well not the very beginning, we don’t have that kind of time)

So here we go….

My name is Kim and I am Tous Les Jours marketing and social media generator… I know, right. Pretty much all that means is that I am the millennial of the family therefore I take photos of pretty much everything or am meant to. We are a small family run business who make and sell ladies Pyjamas, baby wear and a few accessories. There are a few of us involved in the daily goings on and a few behind the scenes. Tracey is the talent and creative extraordinaire, Sharon the brains of the operation, Neil has his abacus, Lara team graphics, team of eagle eyed sewers. Lastly, Steve I think I will call him the motivator and back up, the Clyde to our Bonny so to speak.

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once wrote, well as a South African business the name Tous Les Jours may seem a little…international and difficult to pronounce but our name relates to our style, French feel intended for everyday living.

We started off with décor only in 2003, slowly Tracey began introducing pyjamas, which quickly became more popular. By the time Piggly Wiggly opened it coffee shop doors and we had taken up residence in our quaint little store, we were mostly sleep wear.

I remember my mom telling me from little that you will always sleep better in comfortable Pyjamas, which should always look good in case there is a “fire”, well 16 years later and still no sign of this fire I have been hearing about (touch wood), but a pyjama collection that has grown with the shop. I must stay she was right I do sleep better in comfy pj’s and look forward to that part of my day.

So, the goal for these blog posts is to let you into our world and provide insight into the whys and what’s, as well as invite you to learn alongside me…

Till next time,



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