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Our Story

Tous Les Jours is an established business based in the KZN Midlands and was created by local owners, Tracey and Steve Atkinson.

Tous Les Jours is primarily associated with our quality sleepwear, and since 2003 we have set the standard for our production team which guarantees quality and comfort in each and every garment produced. The quintessential Parisian woman and her association with confidence, effortless chic, style and natural flair is Tous Les Jours’ primary inspiration - an inspiration which is carried through all facets of the business.  From the design of our shop at Piggly Wiggly, to every one of our products and garments, and right through to our online store, that essence emanates.

Over and above our lovely ladies sleepwear range, Tous Les Jours has recently added two entirely new and different ranges of products to their portfolio: 

An all-natural skincare range was created as an entire system, extensively designed and researched, to provide the utmost nourishment for your skin. Choose from face washes and moisturisers to body butters and handmade soaps, safe in the knowledge that this range is made from the highest quality, local and natural plants and essential oils. 

Tous Les Jours has also created the popular baby range, Mon Petite Chou Chou, which has its own bunny representative, “Bizou”. Our quality 100% cotton garments are designed for every baby’s need, with an emphasis on comfort and style. The products are packaged in gorgeous gift boxes, which makes them not only the ultimate gift for someone expecting, but also something special for your own little one.